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Note the extensive use of the "Crillee IT BT" font - the credits font for Star Trek - The Next Generation.

The Cheetahs logo was supplied as various printed items by RHI. I scanned it as an RGB TIFF and converted as necessary.





Produced with Photoshop 3.0
and MS Publisher 2.
Page 8 artwork was supplied.

All copy provided by RHI.

Cover produced as above and
printed on the Epson.


JOFA Speed Puck
Patent #5275410
JOFA SpeedPuck
JOFA SpeedPuck
JOFA sticker on reverse side
JOFA SpeedPuck Sticker

Wikipedia - Chicago Cheetahs
and Roller Hockey International

My personal collection of Cheetah gear.
I didn't have anything to do with creating any of this.

CHEET SHEETS were laid out in MS Publisher 2, printed 11x17 on a HP Laserjet 4V and reproduced at Kinko's.

Vol 2 #1 - 6/9/95

Vol 2 #2 - 6/15/95

Volume 2 #8 - 7/28/95

This pocket schedule was created with manual separations in Publisher and printed on the HP 4V as camera-ready artwork for two-color printing on an offset press. I forget the Pantone #s specified. I was particularly pleased the drop-shadow on the "Budweiser" worked well. Was kinda sweating that one. Original size 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" before folding.

The original Epson Stylus Color (MJ-700V2C in Japan) was the
world's first 720 dpi, high image quality, color inkjet printer.
This one, serial# 1S0E063180, printed thousands of season tickets,
and many copies of all of the stuff seen below, except where noted.
And the ink usage was PHENOMENALLY low. The printer companies
hadn't yet figured out to rip people off on ink costs.
And it outlasted one laminating machine.

Created in Publisher 2, printed on the Epson and laminated.
To see larger versions, right-click and select "View Image"
or "Open image in new tab".

Printed on label stock.